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1.       We generally expect all players to be able to reach level 60 of their own accord.  We also understand that certain builds may have trouble with certain missions and may need some assistance.  We will always make a best effort to assist anyone who needs help, please keep in mind that level 70 players are usually busy with their own daily quests helping to level up the stronghold/guild.

2.       If you have met the requirement for a promotion within the guild and wish to be promoted, please notify one of our officers and they will verify your activity and grant the promotion if you have met the requirements.  Promotions to Officer and above will never be granted on request,  these positions are earned and given out to only those that have done enough for the guild and earned the trust of the other officers/leaders.

3.       Guild ranking shall apply to all characters on an account.  This means if you have been promoted to rank 4 for example and you have 3 characters in the guild, all 3 characters will be granted rank 4 level.

4.       Each account may have a maximum of 8 character in the guild.

5.       Have a working headset/mic and actively participate in guild activities using xbox live chat parties.

6.       Be mature and respectful to others within the guild.  While we all joke/tease each other, some members may request for you to not say a certain thing to them, please be respectful of others’ wishes in these cases.

7.       Officers/Leaders have the final say on any guild matters.  Our officers/leaders will always listen to the requests of the guild and try their best to meet these requests.  At all times, officer/leader decisions will be made for the greater good and not for any individual.

8.       Guild Bank Use:  If you take something from the bank and are intending on returning the item, please be sure to notify a guild officer/leader so that they may make note of this.  If you are not planning on returning the item, please make a deposit or donation to the guild of similar value.  Speak to any officer/leader for these transactions/approvals.

9.       We require each account to show at least 3 days activity each week.  This will be tracked using the guild logs, Meeting daily/weekly influence requirements will count as activity.  Not meeting influence requirements will count as inactivity.  If you are not active for 3 days a week your account may be demoted.  If you are account is at rank 1 and shows 2 weeks of no activity, you will be removed from the guild.  If you plan on taking a vacation or being away for a period of time and wish to have an exception granted to this rule, please contact an officer/leader beforehand and these can be granted.   Officers/Leaders will use officer comments to keep track of people who are away with exceptions.

10.        If none of your characters are at level 70,  showing an increase of at least 3 levels per week will count as being active, not showing at least 3 increases will count as inactivity.