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The Guild Lottery is live.   We finally got permission from the game admins/developers to move forward with our Guild Lottery.  Thank you very much Chris for taking this on and getting the permission for us.

The current prize is a "Runic Bag of Holding".  The 36 slot bag.

In order to buy a ticket, use the Auction House in game and buy 1 or more Altars for 5000 Astral Diamonds from "Banker@Geekhelmet".  Each altar purchased will count for one ticket.  You can find the items by going to the Auction House and choosing "Consumables"  type in "Alt", change the display to show "Buyout" and run your search.  Since most altars listed will be much lower in price, you will need to scroll through the pages a bit to find our listings.

 Be sure to buy from "Banker@Geekhelmet"  buying an altar from any other character will not count as a ticket purchase for the lottery.

For this prize our target is 105 tickets sold.  Once we have 105 tickets sold, we will have a drawing and the winner will receive the bag.  We will continue to use the "Runic Bag of Holding" as our lottery prize for each drawing for a while.

Since Geekhelmet will be managing the lottery itself, none of his characters are eligible to participate in the lottery.

You can view the current tickets by choosing "Lottery" and then "Current Tickets" from the menu above.  As each person purchases tickets, they will be given a ticket number from 1 - 105.  Once the target is reached, we have a random number generator that will be used to pick a random number between 1 and 105.  The player with that ticket number will win.

All funds raised by the lottery will be used to put items in the guild coffer and help build the stronghold.

The amount of tickets needed for a drawing is calculated by taking 2x the cost in Zen to purchase the prize item.  The exchange rate we are using from Astral Diamonds to Zen is 148.  The Astral Diamond exchange fluctuates daily.  We chose this exchange rate to be somewhat in the middle of where the market usually is.  Should the average exchange rate change,  we may need to adjust the amount of tickets needed for a drawing.

Each ticket purchased gives the Lottery 4500 Astral Diamonds after the Auction House takes the 10% cut.  At each drawing the Guild should be able to purchase the next lottery prize and also have the same amount remaining to go into the guild coffer for our stronghold.