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We are an adult guild.  As an adult guild our conversations frequently are not suitable for children.

We require all members to have a working headset/mic.  We are very social and use party chat to communicate/coordinate our efforts.

We like to joke around a lot and are far from politically correct.  Our joking can certainly be off color and may be offensive to some people.  We tease and poke fun at each other frequently.  If you are easily offended or are unable to handle others picking on or teasing you, we are probably not the correct group of players for you.

We accept players at all levels, however, in order to participate in most of our group efforts, you will need to have your character(s) at level 70 and get your item level to at least 2000.  We are always happy to help players get to level 70 as well as help them gear up to reach item level 2000.  We are also always happy to help players learn how to play their characters and become better with them.

We focus mostly on PVE with members who also enjoy PVP.  We help each other daily with dungeons T1 and T2 as well as stronghold building, skirmishes, heroic encounters, farming, gear, etc.

Please see our Guild Ranks section regarding the different member levels/rankings within the guild and what the requirements/responsibilities are at the various levels.  We expect all our members to be active and if for some reason you will not be active for any extended period of time, please be sure to let one of our officers/leaders know.  Member who are not meeting the requirements/responsibilities of their current rank will be demoted to a lower rank that fits their activity level within the guild.  Members who are going to be inactive for any extended period of time and who have notified one of our officers/leaders will be granted an exception to this, however exceptions will not be indefinite and the final decision to promote/demote any individual will remain at the discretion of our officers/leaders.

In order to join our guild, simply contact any one of our members in game or message one of us on our xbox live accounts.  (Geekhelmt or XTRM DREAMS).  Before we invite anyone to join the guild, we will invite to a party chat to make sure you are able to get into chat and verify you are not too young for our guild.

Guild Merging

We are open to merging other guilds into our own guild.  For guilds that wish to merge, a meeting with the officers/leaders of both guilds needs to happen.  While normally when a new member of the guild joins, they start with a rank of Recruit, we make exceptions here.  These exceptions will be discussed in the meeting with the guild leaders of both guilds.  Once all parties have agreed on which members merging into our guild will be given which ranks/responsibilities, the merge will then be able to happen.  We have successfully merged with several other guilds so far.